Tap Forms Organizer 5 Database App Reviews

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Customer Support is Amazing

Brendan is very available to answer technical issues. As for the program itself, I think it's pretty powerif for what it is. Some weaknesses relate to document creation, limited to one page docs. I'm giving this a 5-star review, because of the support and I'm not shore that any progarm weaknesses aren't related to my operator error.

Quickly Indispensible:

Updated review: I would be up the proverbial creek without this app. Most used app on my Mac. Dev support remains strong at every turn. Updated review: Yep, I still use it. All the time. Learning curve is worth the investment. App is continually improved and just keeps getting better. I’ve spent more on a bad dinner... Updated review: TF5 can organize every aspect of your life! I use it for my houseplant care (tracking watering, feeding), personal issues (tracking medical billing issues) and my small business (sales / expenses / project details). The dev is super-responsive and the active forum community is helpful too! Previous review: A great database app that does 90% of what I need it to do. For consumers and small businesses it is great. People who need *complex* relationships between data may be disappointed by the limitations HOWEVER it is overshadowed by great dev support, ease of use, and fantastic interface!

Exactly what I needed

This program is exactly what I needed. A simple database. But the thing that makes it the best is the customer service. Before I even purchased the progam I contacted the developer with questions about how to use it, etc. Brendan patiently walked me through the steps to make this program work for my specific needs. Fantastic!! Especially since I am still waiting on a different company to even answer my question about their software. I no longer have to wait on them, I can now use this software and move on. So happy!

Nice database, bargain for the modest cost…Quick support.

Tap forms-5.22.. I have been using TF-5 for a short time, after using TF-3, I like a number of others, have been looking for a replacement to the FileMaker Pro database. Of the databases that I have evaluated TF-5 is about the best option available, if your needs don’t exceed it’s capabilities. For the modest cost, TF-5 is a bargain. It’s easy to use interface makes it quick to configure custom records, and fields, and it’s similar to FileMaker Pro. I encountered a number of small bugs, some relating to the current High Sierra upgrade. I contacted support by email several times about things that I found, and also asked a number of questions over a week or so. Support response from this vendor is some of the best I have seen. Support was very prompted, and helpful. I only wish FileMaker’s support was this good. A nice program, with fanatic support, and a bargain for the modest cost. The more I use this database, the more I like it. It’s easy to use, versatile and has a lot of built in features that make it a bargain. On top of that, I have gotten some of the best support to questions I have asked via email than any other software vendor. I have gotten replies even on the weekend, so how’s that for support ? The more I use this product the more I like it, and the more uses I find for it. The Vendor is continuously adding small features and updates to this fine product. I highly recommend this software..If I could give it a 10 star rating, I would..

Does everything it promises

Tapforms allows you to fairly easily create rich structured databases on any of your Apple devices (Mac, iPhone, iPad) and have it replicated on the others. The data you add is also synced of course, so you can use your iPhone or iPad, for example, as a mobile data Collection device. There’s a little bit of a learning curve, and the documentation could still use more work, especially in terms of tutorials, but the developer is extremely responsive, so if you run into any hurdles, you can just email him.

Great Customer Support

Desperately tried various methods to regain databases that I had created in Bento over the course of many years. They contained photos and form templates that I had worked hard on. Finally discovered Tap Forms. I read that even if I no longer had a working version of Bento, because of OS upgrades, that sending my recovered database back ups to customer support would “put Humpty Dumpty together again.” Indeed! My son helped me locate the backups. Sent them via email and Apple Mail Drop. Boom! Three hours later (on a weekend no less), I had a reply with my converted files ready to import into Tap Forms. Couldn’t be happier.

Great transition from Bento

Tap Forms 5 is a terrific program if you have a large database in Bento, which is no longer supported, and want to convert the data and forms into a supported program. The export/import function works seamlessly. Technical support is very responsive to email inquiries with most responses within the same day. I highly recommend this program.


While I am just getting started with this software, I find it convenient, flexible and having the depth to facilitate different needs. I have been able to intergrate it with Evernote which I use extensively. I had some problems at first with establishing the database across different computers. Brendan Duddridge came to my rescue with an extensive email exchange that demonstrated great customer support and knowledge. I most highly recommend this software!

Intuitive, Flexible & Solid Database App at an Amazing Price

I have been designing databases since 1982 and have used (or at least tried) probably most of the database applications that have been created for both PCs and Macs over those years. I’ve designed databases for personal use and for companies that have 500+ users. Tap Forms stands out as one of the better database apps I’ve used, successfully combining sophisticated schema and form design tools plus a large number of field types with an easy drag and drop interface. I can build a relatively complex database in less than an hour and have it available on my Macs, iPads and iPhone. The designer and developer Brendan has achieved one of those rare feats in app design: a product that is powerful yet simple to use on multiple platforms with solid synchronization among the devices. Outstanding work. Even better, Brendan is incredibly responsive to feature suggestions and quick to reply to technical support inquiries, the few that I’ve had. I recommend Tap Forms to all my clients and acquaintances who use Apple products. Forget mucking around with organizing your data in a spreadsheet … just get Tap Forms. Really.

Addictive, Excellent

Wow… It took about a week to really get into it but it was worth every second. I used Bento but nowhere near as much as I use Tap Forms.It’s chock full o’ goodies and I’m chunkin’ everything into this thing. Everytime I turn a corner I discover another useful nugget. I am totally addicted. Once you get the knack it is a breeze to throw together databases along with all kinds of forms and they are all sync’d across my devices. I have a small list of would-like-to-haves but I’m not complaining. This was a great find and the price is ridiculously low. My fear… that it may go away. Please don’t let that happen.

My Life Saver

When Bento folded its tent I was totally at a loss….Tap Forms saved my bacon. I am an artist and I use the database to keep track of all of my paintings and drawings. The app has gotten better and better and Brendan is amazing with his customer service and support. Whe I write with a problem he usually answers within a day. I sync it to my iPhone and iPad and I am totally happy with this great app.

AWESOME! Syncs Like A Champ

Well, Here’s The Deal. If for some reason this application is not supported in some future Mac or iOS Operating System/Upgrade from Apple, then I will NOT upgrade my devices. My Mac, iPad and iPhone will stay as they are to support this App. This app is that important to me. That's how good this application is! I have been doing Macs/Apple since Apple/Jobs day one. That said... Tap Forms 5 is the MOST USED Application I use every day. It literally eliminates all other Apps in my world. Tap Forms is what Filemaker Pro (any version, including FileMaker Go) and Bento (if you ever used that before Filemaker/Apple dumped it) should have been. I cannot believe that Apple has not come along and bought this company/application. Apple should put Tap Forms 5 on EVERY Mac that is sold. It is the one genre of applications they are missing. (Hello Tim Cook). If you have a business, an office, if you use multiple devices (Mac, iPhone or iPad), you need this app. If you don’t, then you must be completely un-organized. To have all of your Log-In credentials, passwords, links, invoices, pdf, manuals, photos, purchase information, whatever with you, and anything else you can think of... all in one place (with security), and on all of your devices via instant sync is amazing. Buy IT ! Great job “Tap Zap”!

My Best App Store Purchase

Tap Forms is the best application I have ever purchased from the App Store! I have been using it daily for several years and it handles all of my personal data management needs. It is so feature rich that it has allowed me to implement every database I have needed. The synchronization among my macOS and iOS Tap Forms documents works flawlessly. The developer is extremely quick to answer questions, respond to potential issues, and implement new feature requests. The developer’s web site is very useful for providing support from the developer himself and the Tap Forms user community. I HIGHLY recommend Tap Forms. It is a wonderful application and a tremendous VALUE! It is, by far, the BEST in its class!

Good, but not Great

This is a stellar app. Not too many better DB apps out there, problem is you're chained to the Apple world. The developer says he has no intentions on making it accessable on any other platform other than Apple. That's too bad, because the name of the game in todays tech world, diversity. $50 is not chump change, but its also not as pricey as those other big names that work on every platform available. I have been using tap forms from the beginning. Well, I have to say goodbye because its Apple specific. I would suggest to the developer that I would pay $100, if this worked on a PC.

Wonderful App! So worth every penny!

I have actually never left a review before, but I felt I HAD to leave a review for this app. I am not being paid nor compensated in any way to leave a review, nor do I know the creator or company in any way. I just REALLY REALLY like this app! I needed to find SOMETHING that would work for my unique situation and searched for over a year before finally stumbling across Tap Forms. I buy, sell and collect some unique items and I wanted, no, NEEDED an equally unique way of cataloging my inventory. Just a few examples of my many needs in a database system: where my inventory was located, what was the status of the inventory, what inventory was considered “incomplete”, "complete”, “needs work”, a way to catalog “incomplete” items to be on the look-out for, miscellaneous inventory not in use currently, purchase cost, estimated sell price, available stock, sold….etc etc etc. You get the idea. I downloaded the free trial, watched a bunch of the EXTREMELY useful how-to videos, had some trial and error, and voila! I have a unique, personalized, user-friendly, EASILY updatable (Is that even a word…?) system that works incredibly well for me!! If you REALLY want a completely customizable database and don’t have training or know-how in building your own database, this is the best option out there…by far! You DO have to put in some time to learn how everything works and is connected. I am not going to lie on that part. But the thing that is so mind-boggling to me is that other reviewers only seem focused on the fact that this isn’t a “Bento replacement”. I never used, nor know anything about Bento, I will admit. But if you go into a ice cream shop and order a pizza, you will always be dissappointed in whatever you end up settling on. No matter how awesome that ice cream truly is! Because you wanted pizza, dang it! This app is worth every penny (and should in fact be charging a lot more for it, in my opinion anyways). This app is regularily updated with new content and options, as well as new how-to videos too! Take the time, try it out! You will be amazed, and once you think you have figured out everything this system can do? You haven’t. Trust me.

Use it every day

I love this app and have been using it every single day for a couple of years now. Brenden is wonderful about responding personally to questions and problems (the problems are always something I forgot how to do, not app problems!), and he continually makes updates and improvements to the program. I use it to keep track of a vast inventory of supplies, and it does the job beautifully, letting me search countless ways and include lots of product photos. It’s pretty easy to learn to use, and the price is so much better than other products in this class.

amazing app

such an amazing app. the fact that I can customize the forms to anything I want is a very powerful feature. I am so glad I came accross this app and this will be my goto app for just about anything I want to manage.

One of my daily used app!

Very useful app. What I love about this app is that I could easily create and customize fields depending on my needs. And of course, very reliable support. I remember to have a concern about the tables which I posted on the forum. The developer immediately responded. And to my surprise, the feature I requested was included in the next update. Amazing!

Best Ever...

Wait, I haven’t written a review about TapForms yet? impossible, it’s only my most used app, ever since the first iPhone or whenever this app was first offered for sale. It started as my password holder, but over the years it has grown and blossomed like the phone itself. i was using this app way back when it had a crappy icon, yeah I’ve been a fan since before Brendan was famous. TapForms now is a daily user for me and indexing every kind of note, document, folder and all those passwords. So many passwords. And behind all the great design and funtionality is Brendan, the dev team and owner in one. Over the years, I’ve come to Brendan for help with how to do this or do that, and he’s always been there, always in a timely manner. I’m not really doing this app justice either, because I use about 20% of what it can do. It can organize just about everything digital and keep it safe. It doesn’t get any better than that. I just realized that I’m reviewing this on the Mac App Store, so that would be a review of the Mac based version of TapForms, and I do have that as well, but my review above was talking about the phone app, sorry bout that if any of you got confused. The take away here is that Brendan has created and continues to improve an app that is more than worth the price of purchase, whichever operating system you use.

Glad I Change Over to Tap Forms 5

Back in the day I used Bento as my go to database program. When it bit the dust, I learned that Tap Forms allowed me to transfer my data to its program. At first I had some difficulty with using it, but I got excellent Tap Forms support with emails that came within a day. When Tap Forms 5 first came out I was reluctant to move to it from Tap Forms 3. I should have known better! I had no problems transferring data. I really like how the data is transfered from my desktop Mac to my iPads. If you are still hesitant I like was, go ahead and move to Tap Forms 5. Just remember to back up your data as you add new data.

I Love Tap Forms

I had been searching for a simple database program to use on my MacMini and I came across Tap Forms. I found it very easy to use and I could form it to fit what I was trying to do without feeling like a moron. When I did have a simple question and I say that because after submitting my question and getting a very rapid response from support…I would say “duh”!! I should have known better. I love this app and I look forward using this for a very long time!! Thank you Tap App Software!! Joe Ciccone

No refund

I bought it by mistake and they won’t refund me!

Extreemly poor synchronization

The primary reason for choosing this database is its interaction with the cloud and the ability to sychronize mutilple devices. It does not do this with any thing that resembles consitent performance. I am trying to keep 4 devices synchronized (desktop, laptop, iPhone, and iPad). Total failure. iPhone had been refusing to sych even thought all devices had the same Database id. Today it finaly sync’ed and now the other 3 device report no data at all in the database. I’m spending more time trying to keep the software running than I do on data entry.

GREAT program to manage everything!

After using this program for all my daily activities related to my sales, customers, prospects, products, etc. I am now using the same software to manage our home information. I am now using the sample forms for home inventory, home & auto maintenance records, and even to manage all our upcoming home improvement projects. I keep all the information on projects, contractors, quotations, proposals, activities, pictures of desired cabinets, flooring, doors, appliances, etc. WOW, what a GREAT program! Whenever I see a poor review, it hurts me because it is NOT the fault of the software, it is the fault of the knowledge of the product! This is one of the very BEST application I have ever used!

Please tell me you are kidding…...

Unstable, extrmely limited functionality for the price. Lots of bugs. Did I metion it crashes a lot? Not ready for prime time, if you want pretty forms, there are other cheaper methods. The “basic” datbase tools just don’t work.

Best Database App for Mac

Tapforms is an awesome database app for Mac, iPad & iPhone. It is probably better than Microsoft Access. It is best if you have some experience with databases. If not, the instructions manual is well written and available on the Tapforms website. The technical support offered is far superior to most developers. I highly recommend Tapforms.


Ok, so the software is fantastic, but you already know that from the other reviews. What I want to talk about is the support! The helpfullness, speed, and patience displayed by the developer is literally the best I have ever experienced. My questions have always been answered quickly and throroughly, as have follow up questions. Even when my questions were about the underlying encryption and sync systems (and in at least one occasion more based on technical curiosity than anything else), I received detailed, thoughful replies. This developer will be there for you if you have problems!

Amazing customer service and support

Like many TapForms users, I used to use Bento. Due to system complications and old software/hardware, I was unable to figure out how to import all of my Bento files into TapForms. I contacted TapForms, and within 24 hours received a personal response with a suggestion as to how to fix the problem. They even offered to do the transfer for me. That turned out to be unnecessary because the suggestion they had given me worked. I was truly impressed by the fast, personal attention to my request and the expertise they had in solving the problem. Good job!

Perfect organizational tool!!

My entire company uses the same Tap Forms file to manage customer data, website information, login details, server details, etc… virtually the backbone of our business and we love Tap forms more than anything! I’ll be happy to change this to a 5 star review if you can make some adjustments to the server syncing… icloud is not idea because my team would all need to use the same service.. I don’t know how good the business is but maybe providing your own cloud service to your users would be cost effective?? Right now I have to use backup files to take on the road with me. Another than that… you’re great.

getting better and better

for someone who used Bento, and since its end sstarted with TapForms, must say this App is getting better and better. it now works flawlessly with the sync and my other iOS devices, is fast and reliable. Well done team, and please keep up the good work!

I will be very, very unhappy if this program ever goes away

Tap Forms is my go-to data organizer. My daily steps/activity/weight readings (going back to Sept 2008 — I brought over data from Bento when they disestablished); my medical results/readings/appointment notes; lists of various documents such as insurance, with details in case the house burns or whatever; wines we like and dislike (with photos of the labels, because we remember labels better than names); soup mixes we like and dislike, with notes on variations we’ve tried; my wife’s crochet projects, with details I don’t understand and pretty photos; and a database of online writers I’ve tipped via PayPal. Oh, and an encrypted record of all our usernames and passwords. All of this gets backed up and synched across our iOS devices, so no matter where we go, we have these records. In the previous main version, synching was okay, but needed a kick occasionally; with the current version, it took me a little while to have a warm fuzzy it was working, it was so fast and reliable and unobtrusive. I am very dependent on this program (even more so than I was on Bento), and I don’t even use half of its great features.

great app with awesome support

I wish I would have started using this app years ago. It's very powerful and dynamic which could cause usability issues however the support is awesome. I first used this app to inventory equipment at many different locations and had a steep learning curve. The support staff got back to me several times when I needed them. Very pleased!

so far not so good

I just bought this today. There are supposed to be 33 built in forms. I can find ZERO. I have tried to play the training videos. They never load. I have tried to import my contacts, I cannot. I am supposed to be able to link forms, I cannot figure out how. I have used MS Access very successfully. I was able to teach the Apple Store trainers how to use Bento and connect forms in ways they truly did not know were possible. For years I have searched for a Bento replacement without having to buy FileMaker for several $100’s. This should be easier and there should be usable directions. If I cannot make this work in a reasonable amount of time and effort, I will be requesting a refund for both the iPhone app and the Mac app. Update: after about an hour of searching I found the 33 built in forms. However, I cannot move them to the folders I want them in. I do not want to mix personal and business. Still cannot figure out how to import contacts, or link databases. So frustrated. I have downloaded the FileMaker Pro free trial. I wish I had not downloaded this paid version from the Apple App store, as there is a free trial version on the Tap Forms website. Try it before you buy it. It is not as easy and flexible as implied so far. If I were completely new to databases that would be one thing, but I have enough experience to understand how they “should” work in general.

Best database for “the rest of us"

This is a great database app for the rest of us: Use the predefined forms to keep track of the wines you like, create an inventory of the stuff in your home (for home insurance purposes), keep a daily journal, store personal data (health records, driver license, passoprt info etc.), and more . . . or create your own custom forms. The things that make this such a great database: Simple to use and (relatively) simple to customize (I’m not a DB guy, but I figured rather quickly how to build forms from scratch); great support (online manual, video tutorials); multiple sync/storage options (iCloud, “nearby” and IBM Cloudant; no Dropbox — not the dev’s fault; Dropbox changed its database/storage API which makes Dropbox unusable for apps with complex sync requirements); and very flexible (keep your data in one database, or split it into multiple databases) — AND a very responsive developer, eager to help out when you’re stuck and ready to squish bugs that you may find (as long as they are in his power to fix). Highly recommended.

Staying Organized

If you like to easily organize all your data in one tool this is the App to use. I transitioned my data from Bento to Tap Forms and have never looked back. This latest update makes it seamless to syn your information across multiple devices with or without using the Cloud. Now I have all my information at my fingertips no matter where I am.

Awesome DataBase

This is one of the most awesome apps available. There are so many uses for it and I keep records on stuff I don’t need records on just so I can use it. Thanks for a great job. Keep up good work because it seems to just get better with each update.

The best personal database that I have used in thirty years

I have used or tried *many* database applications in the last thirty years. Some were relational; some not. Some had programming tools; some not. I now have 34 simple databases (lists) in Tap Forms. The app meets my needs better than any other database program ever has. Features that I like particularly in recent releases: multiple documents, improved user interface, iOS version on both iPad and iPod Touch, excellent sync options and performance. The customer service is fantastic. The first implementation of iCloud sync seemed to be imperfect, and then there was no iCloud sync option for a while. I starting using the new implementation recently. It seems to work quite well. The Cloudant option is excellent. The nearby sync option is also good if one doesn’t trust security in the cloud. There is room for improvement in the user interface, but it’s pretty good as is. I feel lucky that Tap Forms is available because I could not find anything else after Bento was discontinued that even came to close to satisfying me.

Bye Bye Bento

I’m not the most sophisticated user and the app isn’t the most intuitive. However, that being said, email support is wonderful! It was an easy task to migrate my Bento “Libraries” to Tap Form “Forms.” Of course some layouts had to be recreated. The documentation is improving. There are a number of online tutorials for working with Tap Forms. I am synching my data base via IBM Cloudant among my iMac, iPhone, and two iPads. Synching though iCloud has been restored in the newest iteration of the app.I am very pleased with Tap Forms 5. May it have a much longer lifespan than Bento!

Best database

Tap Forms 5 is an outstanding database that flows perfectly among devices. In addition to this, the support of the developer is the benchmark in terms of service. I can’t recommend Tap Forms 5, enough.

Perfect App for 95% of people. Lists, collections, databases etc. Simple user interface.

The application suite (for Mac & iOS) complement well and make the functions of this application completely mobile. The user interface is natural and straightforward, speed of app is outstanding, and support by the developer is the best I have ever received. Syncing works very well in Nearby Mode. I have not tried the IBM Cloudant Cloud sync functionality. Hopefully iCloud and/or Dropbox sync will return in future releases. I recently migrated all my Filemaker databases to this app with the largest being 10k records and Tap Forms handles it easily. Kudos to the developer.

Need better means to report out from the application

This application does not provide any

Excellent Customer Support

The system is excellent. I have used this for many years but the one thing that stands out is the outrageously excellent customer support. Over the years I have needed support and while many app reviews (for other products) say the programmers don’t response this is not the case here. The creator of this app is available by email and he actually responds (in some cases the same day). If you like what you read give the program a try!

My Go To

I love this program. I have it on my iPad, iPhone and MacPro. I keep everything in it for my professsional work and my personal life. It is WELL SUPPORTED! and well worth the cost. I’ve tried lots of database programs and most aged out and others were just plain too expensive or too complicated. I highly recommend this program - I have used it since almost the time it first began. A brief note: at times the synch gives me problems but often it is a problme of my creation. They ahve tried to make it simple, but sometimes I’m simpler tha than lol. Patience often is rewarded and the synch has never been a major problem. Most times it is seamless.

Very nice app

As far as databases go on Mac this is the best like comparing a mansion to a trailer. I mean nothing on Mac is even any thing near as good except FileMaker but then again it is three hundred bucks it should be better. I really like the sync, it is automatic and you don’t have to do anything after you set it up. My only real complaint is I can’t update to 5.0.7 probably becuase of the app store. I am up to date but the store just thinks when I try yo update. Also at some point in the version I have Tab no longer advances to the next field it advances to the search box. The update will eventually work and the Tab thing is just cosmetic. I would definately recommend this to a friend.

Change to sync

Versions 5 sync is a big departure from previous versions . I have been using tapforms to replace bento for a couple of years. For my usage, there is not much difference in functionality between the old and the new, except for the way syncing is done. My previous rating of the older version was 5. I could have managed a 4 star for the removal of standard sync cloud products. The replacement with nearby sync is a nice to have function. HOWEVER, the user interface to accomplish this, is convoluted, and not easy to do without referring back to the help document. Further having to remember to sync, to muliple devices is tedious and easy to forget when you are in a hurry. At least with cloud, you can always refresh any device, provding your changes were pushed, when you made them. I also find it hard to understand why tapforms would think IBM cloud is more suitable/popular than any of the other consumer friendly services? It makes no sense to have selected a product like this as the "only" cloud service.

Awesome! Wonderful update over previous version!

I am a long time Bento user and have been fairly happy with version 3 of Tap Forms but version 5 seems to fix the problems I had with version 5. So pleased to get a solid Bento replacement! There are some features that are only available on Mac and some that are only available on phone with may be have to do with limitations behind the OSes. Hopefully at some point all features will be available to do on both the computer and the phone.

Great Application & Great Support

Application helps me manage my business quite well. It has the flexibility and functionality to allow me to create a CRM that fits my business. The Cloudant sync support is far superior to the iCloud/Dropbox sync. This allows my business partner and I to work on the same “database” simultaneously. The developer is VERY helpful, when I initially had an issue with one of ther earlier releases he went so far as to take my database and repair the data. Honestly, he went above and beyond to help me recover the functionality of my database. Great support, great app!

A solid data base program

I have been using Tap Forms since Bento bit the dust. I was looking for a basic data base program, and found it in Tap Forms. I have six data bases presetnly, ranging from 20 to 1550 forms. The new version 5 took some getting used to, especially in the syncing area. It was frankly easier in eariler versions, where I used Dropbox. Now you either have to use a “Nearby” or “Cloud” sync. I use the nearby, which means you put your devices close to one another, open the data base you want to sync, and it syncs them. The “Cloud” requires signing up for the “IBM Cloudant” program, which I did, but could not get it to work. And there is a cost if you transfer over the basic allowed amount of data. I don’t know the ins and outs of why Dropbox or iCloud can’t be used, but its the reason I dropped my rating from five stars to four. Otherwise, this is a useful program with EXCELLENT customer service (I have contacted them several times over the years, and always got an almost immediate response, even on weekends.) I can’t speak for database power users, but if you’re looking for a daily workhorse data base for Mac, this is it. I have it on my iMac, 12 inch MacBook, iPad, and iPhone, and Apple Watch, so it definately goes across the Apple spectrum!

iPads, iPhones, and MacBook Pros needed this database!

I can’t tell you how many various databases on portable Macs I have struggled with over the past twenty years, including the Newton. Finally a database that is both pretty, smooth, and fast. For me the main thing is that it is working easily in syncing between my Macbooks and my iPads (& iPhones). It took a little fiddling to get the two to shake hands, but once I figured out the precise method it was a breeze, even though my database is over 200MB. Bottom line: if you have tried five to ten different similar programs and not been happy, this is the one you need to give full attention to. Just make sure you activate the automatic internal backup, in case you crash your computer with another program while having Tap Forms open. I like that I can shape and format the fields to my own liking and that I don’t need to be a code expert. Arnold Munthe

Excellent Upgrade

Been using TF 4 on several Macs, an iPhone and an iPad. Migration to TF 5 went just fine. Migrated my DB on my iMac and then locally synced the DB with the other devices. Kept both 4 & 5 arround until I was sure all was well. There are quite a few enhancements in 5 over 4. There is some learning curve to get up to speed, as is natural with any upgrade of this magnitude. Overall I am quite pleased. Pros: 1) Can now split databases into seperate files 2) Each DB can be set to be shared/synced/encrptyed separately 3) Can now selected which DB to share with others 4) Both local sync and cloud sync options Cons: 1) (Minor) Did lose iCloud sync. However, iCloud sync could be flaky for some folks and one can now sync locally or through a 3rd party, cloudant. I am using local syncing and it works VERY well. Given the other improvements, loss of iCloud not an issue for me.

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